Pheromones for the attraction

Romantic love was designed to last as long as it would take for a man and woman to come together, fall in love, make a baby and raise that child in to infancy, said by the Anthropologist Helen Fisher. With our 3 levels of brain matter, most of us are driven primarily by our instincts. Instincts aren’t designed for long – term relationships. Like Einstein once said, most people need only their “ brain stem ” to function. (As the brain stem is responsible for all our instinctive, animal desires and fears) Instincts are designed for procreation. Not long term relationships. These days, we are living much longer than our ancestors who adore pheromones.
So nature’s way to bring a man and a woman together is through this process of attraction. It is perfectly normal. There’s nothing evil or nothing “dirty” about pheromone attraction . You body, mind and soul are all designed to feel attraction at the deepest level. In fact, they’re not just designed to, they seek out the experience of attraction. This is why it’s just SO easy to date and get hooked on several men for just a few month s and then it ends – your mind and body are  HOPING that it works out. That he will be ‘the one’ for your pheromones.
 Life feels quite dead and boring without this flame that attraction brings to our lives. You see, other animals in the animal kingdom also experience a ttraction. The female Alaska n brown bear feels attraction for the male Alaska n brown bear. The female antelope in the wild feels attraction for the male antelope. But the difference between these animals, and us humans, is that we have conscious knowledge of when we are feeling attraction. We can observe ourselves from a third person’s perspective and evaluate our own experience s . And the most marvelous thing is that us human beings have the capacity to alter what we experience in life, unlike other members. Learn more at and
Pheromones for the attraction just grew and grew inside of you. It was like “Attraction is not a logical choice. Attraction is a complex response initiated and experienced by your body, mind and soul.”
You have an infatuation stage, because some people don’t and there’s nothing wrong with that), but if you are truly committed, attraction and passion would INCREASE. Settling for this is a sign of mediocrity, and it is a sign that you are not willing to get off your butt to actually live and have the relationship you dream of, and not just talk of it. So what kind of commonalities do you need to have? The most important things you need to have in common with your partner are your values. You must share the same values. Here’s an example: your man loves to travel a lot, and values variety a lot. However, you value certainty a lot. You prefer to be a home body. Isn’t that going to cause a few clashes with alarm pheromones? Learn more at
Here’s a quick exercise for you to become more aware of your own values and your man’s valu es, (if you are in a relationship.) And please note: if you are NOT in a relationship, then think about an ex partner. You will get clearer just by looking at your past relationship(s). I want you to answer these questions and ideally write your response d own. Question 1. List these in order of most important to least important: Being happy Being secure Being free Being right